FG Leadership


How it started

Our passion and dedication to strengthening and developing individuals and organizations is stronger than ever. We are confident that our long-term experience and business mindset will be an invaluable asset. At FG Leadership, every assignment is unique, and we look forward to creating customized solutions that drive your business forward. Together we shape the leadership of the future!

Our journey began already in the fall of 1999 when, with solid experience from joint work at Dufwa Leadership, we decided to create something extraordinary together. The result was FG Ledarskap AB – a platform for innovative leadership and successful development.


During the successful ten years, we ran FG Ledarskap as a dynamic company, where our efforts, together with collaborative consultants, contributed to many successful projects and satisfied customers. In 2010, we took the step further and founded Move Management with two colleagues. Together we formed a company where we ourselves would like to be employees - a place for creativity, collaboration and innovative thinking.


During the impressive twelve years that followed, we developed Move Management into a successful consulting company. Now, after divesting Move to new owners, we are returning to our roots and now driving FG Leadership forward. Our journey spans 25 years and now we are taking the next step, which we look forward to with both curiosity and joy.